Animaa yoga welcomes all the seekers, who rejoice ideal time with nature, longing for happiness and well-being, seeking change in life, and loves blooming in oneself. This rejuvenating yoga and detox program will be a worthy implement that helps one get into a healthier lifestyle.

Health is the greatest gift of all, and we must zealously preserve it through regular wellness activities. That will keep the body and mind tuned to enjoy the rhythm of life. Since sedentary lifestyle disorders are at high, we must acquire knowledge to maintain health. By engaging in optimized weekend wellness activity one can kick start and get ready to address the challenges of this Rapid and competitive world in a mindful way.

Enter into this weekend program to relax, refresh and restore new energies. Practice yoga with like-minded people and relish in a tranquil atmosphere; Eat healthy organic food and witness the transformation in your body and mind.


Animaa yoga welcomes yoga teacher trainers and those who are looking for a perfect retreat ground. We have a spacious indoor and outdoor yoga facility. Incredible location with sound ambiance endorsed with nature. We can assist you with all of the details that make a retreat a great experience. We promote simple holistic living during the retreat. Enjoy your time in our simple and elegant organic huts, breathe pure air and drink the untreated pure water from the natural source. We provide healthy as well as delicious organic vegetarian food. We will help from booking taxis and group activities to naturopathy consultations.

Other Activity:

Look deep into nature; you will witness only beauty everywhere. Mother Nature naturally houses the ability to nurture in one’s nature journey.

Bird watching

Spend the afternoon bird watching. Birds teach a great life lesson. All we have to do is to listen to their song.

Riverside walk and Forest hiking

Take a riverside walk, forest hiking. In every walk with nature, someone receives far more than he/she seeks. Look for and record the beautiful aspects of nature. Take a hike Learn about soil, ecological footprint.


Join the biking through the tea garden. You will enjoy the best view, and the best vision comes after the solid climb.


Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.

Jungle safari

A Jungle Safari can be, scheduled on request. There are jungles out there, and you can enjoy the wild time. There is no wifi on safari but, you will find a better connection.


We are heartily committed to taking care of our environment and the natural resources. We are doing our bit for a better future. We are propagation about biodiversity and reforestation to the younger generation. Destruction of nature is a threat to humanity as climate change. There is an urgent need to reset humanity’s relationship with nature. Today is the movement to reconnect ourselves to nature and natural living.