" Yoga is the spiritual science of self realization "

Yoga is an ancient science that encompasses traditional physical and mental disciplines originating from India. Yoga is part metaphysics and part philosophy, with a strong physical base. Yoga is about seeking universal truth through simple practices, physical rituals, and techniques that tie into its fundamental theme of yoking (connecting) the body with the infinite spirit of the universe. Mostly it is all about improving our external behavior as a human organism under different circumstances. It talks about the overall growth of humans not, just physical but also emotional and spiritual.

The word yoga is from the Sanskrit root yuj means to yoke or unite. As one of the six systems constituting Indian philosophies, yoga is closely related to Sankhya and Vedantic philosophy and is the practical manifestation of these philosophies. Yoga mentioned in several Upanishads, the philosophical and historical texts that form the basis of Hinduism. The raja yoga tersely described by Patanjali Maha Rishi as having eight limbs is considered psychological yoga. Yoga philosophy insists that the aspirant cast off ignorance (Avidya) and become aware of the true divine self. The goal is to become free from imperfections and to unite a person with the supreme universal self..


Chikitsa karma or Yoga therapy is not limited to the physical or mental; instead, it uses traditional yogic models to look at the whole person. That means looking at the koshas or layers of self, physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic, and spiritual parts of our being. Yoga therapy addresses the root cause of your pain and suffering, which is often subtle. We believe each soul is unique, so we offer customized yoga therapy to suit individual needs and capabilities. Therapeutic yoga is a holistic approach, so we incorporated diet and counseling as part of it.