About us


The word anima means “infinite smallness” in Sanskrit.  Animaa is an Aisvarya that meaning wealth. It is one of the eight principal siddhis (abilities or magical powers) the first to attain by the yogin. In Latin, it means the soul, the life. In Jungian psychology, the word anima/animus is the unconscious or true inner self of an individual. Our anima is the unconscious part of our mind that works automatically, without introspection or awareness. animaa is psyche or spirit that comes with the deepest or subconscious aspects of the mind, “rational soul or intelligence.

Our Mission

Our team is working on educating the general masses about drugless therapies and their usage. Our wellness mission is a holistic approach combining Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda under one roof. Animaa wellness will give preventive, curative and, health management courses and treatments.

Our Values

This journey is about practicing Peace, Harmony & Love. Animaa team has formed with the aspiration to help individuals realize that our deepest roots are in nature, and by inviting nature into our lives, we can live mindful each day, achieve excellent health, and have an enthusiastic spirit and compassion.

Our Story

Rajib and Suganya are the founders of Animaa yoga wellness. They were working in Taiwan as yoga teachers, where they met first. They traveled and worked around Asia and Middle Eastern countries to teach yoga and holistic living. More than 10years of working abroad Rajib and, suganya decided to settle in their home country to serve the motherland. Therefore with Great Spirit and hope, they started a beautiful journey of Animaa yoga wellness. Animaa wellness is working on a natural pathway to enlighten drugless therapies and promoting holistic living.

Rajib and Suganya’s paths met for the purpose, united to serve the community and the Environment. They aspired to share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom among the rural areas of India. Their vision is to cultivate an integrated lifestyle of yoga and natural living in the general public.

They believe “to work for the common good is the noble venture, and sharing the truth is one of the vital services to humanity.

Our Location

Our center is in a small quaint town called Manabari in the eastern dooars region present in the Himalayan foothills.Manabari is enclosed by meandering river streams and dense forest, sprawled with an abundance of Mother Nature. Dooars is a popular tourist hub. It has great natural beauty. The wildlife-rich tropical forests, innumerable hill streams cutting across the green carpet of tea gardens and undulating plains, low hills rising from the rivers are all a feast for our senses. A drive through the dooars plains can be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

River Side

"দীর্ঘ কুড়ি বছর সুগার, প্রেসার ও হাইপারটেনশন এর কারণে শারীরিক ভাবে অসুস্থ হয়ে পড়েছিলাম, ২০২০ তে এমন গ্যাসের সমস্যায় পড়েছিলাম যে মনে হচ্ছিল আর বাঁচতে পাড়বো না, প্রচুর বড় বড় এ্যালোপ্যাথি স়ংস্থায় দেখানো সত্ত্বেও ঔষধে কোন কাজ করছিলো না, কিছু দিন ঠিক থাকে তো আবার ঐ একই অবস্থা।২০২০ ই সেপ্টম্বরে অ্যানিমা যোগা সেন্টারে ২১ দিন ন্যাচারাপ্যাথি চিকিৎসা করানোর পর আজ আমি সুস্থ ও স্বাভাবিক। নতুন করে সুস্থ ও স্বাভাবিক বাঁচার স্বপ্ন দেখতে শুরু করছি। ধন্যবাদ অ্যানিমা যোগা সেন্টারের কর্মকর্তাদের।."

Soumen Sarkar