Women’s Aura

4 days Women’s wellness Retreat in a peaceful and Natural Environment

Pacify the pandemic trepidation - Heal Now - Take time to celebrate you

Re-connect to Divine Nature and the divine in and around you in a tranquil atmosphere. So, take a real break to revamp your Energies, Confidence, Resilience, Wisdom & Spirit.

 Join us and other like-minded women in our Women’s Aura Wellness Retreat. The Retreat is dedicated for women to support building their mental power and stability, also education about physical health. 

Why should I join this Retreat?

Because you deserve a break from your regular activities to wash out the physical and mental pain, heal, and revitalize your energies for better performance for a better contribution to your loved ones. Explore the transformational experience of self-reflection. A mindfulness contemplation of innate primal strength discovers all those hidden potential within; you will find sound solutions to your problems.

The Current studies reveal that people are experiencing the detrimental effects of lockdowns and pandemic situations; especially women are suffering from mental and emotional distress and depression. Therefore, women’s Aura is a purpose-built Retreat for women’s physical and mental health enhancement.  


What can I benefit from this Retreat?

Coming on retreat can be an invaluable boost for your practice regardless that you are a beginner or already into health practice, our unique yoga classes will help you revel doing yoga. In addition, our mindfulness mental relaxation class supports you in coming out of catastrophic thinking, domestic agitations, post-pandemic stress, and improving your disrupted sleep. Learn a Conscious understanding of your problems and resolving. 


A holistic approach to the body, mind, and soul finds expression and healing in many different ways. We teach tools to reclaim the real potential dumped for years, unleash the innate primal strength, and uncover those deeply hidden jewels.


Our Retreat program emphasizes Digital detox, Yoga practice, mindfulness meditation, healthy food habits, cognitive behavioral therapy, food for thought, free time to find yourself, and more.

We will guide you on a natural pathway through our holistic wellness methodology. So get ready for a new you. 


  • Moring flow Yoga
  • Guided Deep manifestation meditation
  • Breathwork healing session
  • One Special Yin yoga 
  • One restorative yoga
  • One Mud bath therapy/ health consultation
  • Yogic detox
  • 3 workshops to discover your inner potential
  • Sharing circles
  • Nature trekking 
  • Village tour
  • Daily vegetarian and organic meals
  • 3-night accommodation
  • Follow up guide

Retreat Location & Accommodation

Our Retreat center is under the Himalayas’ foothill and houses an abundance of natural healing powers; Pollution free atmosphere a serene environment; the center is in the midst of nature. Nestled in the undulating valleys of the Dooars region, you will find outstanding beauty of nature with tea gardens and mountains of Valleys Rivers. In addition, there are plenty of delicious walks and fresh air to be enjoyed in your free time. 

The accommodation is comprised of small eco-friendly bamboo huts with twin sharing facility—tranquil natural ambiance to be you with nature, fresh air, birds Etc.


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Healthy Snacks - Health drinks

Your Host

Rajib and Suganya are the founders of Animaa yoga wellness. After more than ten years of working abroad, Rajib and, Suganya decided to settle in their home country to serve the motherland. They aspired to share their experience, knowledge, and wisdom with society. 

Therefore with Great Spirit and hope, they started a beautiful journey of Animaa yoga wellness. Animaa yoga wellness is a base to propagate natural cures to enlighten drugless therapies and promote holistic living.

Master. Rajib is an internationally experienced and passionate yoga teacher and trainer with 20+ years of teaching experience and advanced Astanga and Vinyasa yoga training. Also, he has extensive anatomical knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of posture alignment, and is an Expert in holistic Yoga therapy. Breathwork, meditation, and relaxation techniques; His healing methods empower the body and mind to heal better from chronic suffering. 

Dr. Suganya is a Compassionate and motivating yoga doctor have 15+ years of experience teaching various styles of yoga, including Hatha, Astanga, Yin, and Restorative; natural therapies, body-breath alignment, and Mindfulness meditation &Happiness training. In addition, Dr.Suganya is a Wellness Coach; she educates women’s wellness, holistic living, health goals, weight loss, fitness, stress management, resilience, courage, compassion, Etc. She is an expert in yoga therapy, energy healing, and Acupuncture. 

What’s included?

  • 3 nights of accommodation at eco-friendly bamboo huts
  • 3 nutritious vegetarian meals per day
  • Small group, so individual attention
  • Welcome health drink
  • Silent mornings till after breakfast
  • Start the day with a mindfulness yoga flow + meditation
  • 3 mind-body wellness workshops 
  • Self-discovery and problem solving 
  • Deep manifestation meditation
  • Breath-work sessions
  • Riverside trekking 
  • Village tour
  • Everyday sharing circles
  • Silent walk in nature
  • A safe space with sisterhood-support
  • Time in nature to reflect and enjoy for yourself.

What’s not included?

Transportation from the Station or Airport not included

How do I make all these dreams and plans come true when I have so many responsibilities?

Prioritizing your duty can help you decide how best to manage your time across various roles and responsibilities. However, disproportionately overburdened extra work limits your advancement opportunities and overall well-being. In addition, increased stress compromises physical and emotional health and leads to burnout and lower work productivity. 

Evaluate who you want to invest your time in, stop dreaming and watching everyone live a life that fuels them, and make it happen for yourself! Nevertheless, you realize that you can’t do this alone, and someone guides you so that you can finally overcome the excuses and fears and start creating a life that truly lights you up!

How do we stay connected?

You will join a private WhatsApp group with your new friends and sisters.

 We have a group call one week and one month after the retreat is finished. This allows us to check with each other and ask questions that have been bubbling in the meantime.

Retreat highlights

Small group - Embodiment work - Sharing circles - Long yoga practice in the morning - Private time - Manifestations - Therapy - Nutritious veggie food - Connecting to mother earth and your feminine fire

Retreat Cancellation policy

 If cancellation done

     15 days before the arrival date – will Refund 100%.

     10 days before the arrival date — will Refund 50%. After that no refund will be made.

  •  There will be No Refund or discount in case of No Show.
  • Refunds will typically be processed and issued within 2 weeks from cancellation.
  • For any amendment or cancellation of bookings, Clients need to write via email to and receive confirmation.
  • Amendments or cancellations of bookings will attract retention charges.

Wellness Retreat

Amid holistic vibrations and organic natural beauty, rich & untouched, The Animaa yoga wellness retreat provides an ideal station to rejuvenate and heal your body, mind, and soul.

This wellness retreat is a gateway to stepping into a healthy routine. Life is all about balance. A balance comes by practice. By taking a refreshing break, you will attain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance to tune into the rhythm of life. We will guide you on a natural pathway. Rediscover yourself with nature in nature’s ambiance detached from worldly engagements.

Our main objective of this retreat is promoting wellness in the hands of natural cure under Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda therapies. Customized wellness programs are available year long.

Located in a popular tourist hub called Dooars, Our residential wellness home pervades an abundance of nature with river streams, dense forest, tea gardens, and valleys. We believe reconnecting with nature heals us like the deuce.

Our specially designed Yogashala is to practice various styles of yoga, including Iyengar yoga. Practicing yoga with our internationally expert yoga teachers is a memorable experience.  

Our big cottages (2) are spacious for a family stay. 5 Eco-friendly bamboo huts are elegant and are a choice to live with a minimalist lifestyle that paves the way to higher values, mindfulness thinking, and sweet freedom of living with less. Easy access. Customized healthy vegetarian meals include fruits, juices, herbal drinks in the retreat package. 

Weekend Wellness


Animaa yoga welcomes all the seekers who rejoice in an ideal time with nature, longing for happiness and well-being, seeking change in life, and love blooming in oneself. This rejuvenating yoga and detox program will be a worthy implement that helps one get into a healthier lifestyle. 


Health is the greatest gift of all, and we must zealously preserve it through regular wellness activities. That will keep the body and mind tuned to enjoy the rhythm of life. 


Since sedentary lifestyle disorders are high, we must acquire knowledge to maintain health. By engaging in optimized weekend wellness activity, one can kick start and get ready to address the challenges of this Rapid and competitive world in a mindful way. 

Enter into this weekend program to relax, refresh and restore new energies. Practice yoga with like-minded people and relish in a tranquil atmosphere; Eat healthy organic food and witness the transformation in your body and mind. Enjoy your time in our simple, elegant organic huts, breathe pure air and drink the untreated pure water from the natural source. We provide healthy as well as delicious organic vegetarian food.

Host Retreat with us

Animaa yoga welcomes those looking for a perfect retreat ground. We have a spacious indoor and outdoor yoga facility. We can assist you with all the details that make a retreat a great experience. We will help from booking taxis and group activities to naturopathy consultations.


Animaa yoga promotes simple holistic living during the retreat. Our mission of bringing change into people’s lives and joining them in nature’s path has extended successfully. 


We invite you to practice this holistic discipline. Together we can create a trend in making a vacation/tour a healthier one. 

Other Activity

Look deep into nature; you will witness only beauty everywhere. Mother Nature naturally houses the ability to nurture in one’s nature journey

kingfisher, bird, wood-881975.jpg

Bird watching

Spend the afternoon observing & studying birds in their natural surroundings. Birds teach a great life lesson. All we have to do is to listen to their song. 


Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years. It re-establishes relations with the earth. Efficiently burns calories. Enhances your moods reduces stress.  

Jungle safari

A Jungle Safari can be, scheduled on request. There are jungles out there, and you can enjoy the wild time. There is no wifi on safari but, you will find a better connection.

Eco Time

Climate change motivates the need to reboot the Human-Nature relationship. Today is the time to reconnect ourselves to nature & natural living. We have committed propagation about biodiversity and reforestation among the younger generation

Riverside / Forest hiking

Take a riverside or forest hiking. In every walk with nature, you receive far more than you seek. Look for and record the beautiful aspects of nature soil’s ecological footprint.

Village Tour

Villages in Dooars are mesmerizing. A tour of the rural areas builds the environment and cultural awareness and respect. Seeing farms, fields’ fresh air, gardens, village, huts gives a positive experience.